Printed Lanyards

Personalised UK Lanyards

Personalised or custom printed lanyards are worn in officers and at events all around the world and as such are the perfect way to promote your brand, event or cause. Our high quality Printed Lanyards are manufactured using 2 different printing processes, Dye Sublimation and Silk Screen.

If you want a top of the range lanyard then dye sublimation printing gives the best possible artwork replication for complicated and simple designs alike. This process also ensures the longevity of the lanyard as the colours are bled onto the lanyard material. Whilst printing using a silk screen is generally a more economical process, it does produce an excellent surface printed finish, similar to that of a t-shirt, preferred by many of our customers.

As we are manufactures of custom lanyards in the UK all our lanyards are available with a variety of attachments and fittings to meet all needs along with the basic ones of attaching a badge holder or pass to the lanyard itself. Also the all important health and safety breakaway fixture can be fitted during or after the manufacturing process for that added piece of mind.