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Eco Friendly Badge Holders
eco friendly Badge holders
Eco Friendly Lanyards
eco friendly lanyards
Eco Friendly Wristbands
eco friendly wristbands
Eco Friendly Plastic Passes
eco friendly passes

We at Security Solutions take the issues of climate change very seriously and are pleased and proud to be the first UK manufacturer and supplier to have a full Eco friendly range of ID solutions for our industry. Made from different types of bio degradable and recycled materials you can choose from our range of Eco friendly badge holders, Eco friendly lanyards or Eco friendly fabric wristbands. So if the environment is important to you or your event then we have a product that will match your needs, whatever the quantity! So if you are as passionate as us about the effects of our industry on the world and want to reduce your event or security needs carbon footprint then give one of our expert Sales Team a call to discuss your next Eco friendly product requirement.